Study Visit Report. Extension: Meeting in Toulouse (22nd – 23rd November 2022). Maison de l’Orientation

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This initiative stems from a national directive that gives the different regions administrative power to manage the information dimension of vocational guidance. In the Occitan region, they decided to create the Maison de l’Orientation. Each region has the decision power to address how it wants to provide the first line of information in vocational guidance. Chronologically, 2009 marks the birth of the “Service Public de L’Orientation”, 2014 the birth of the “Service Public Régional de l’Orientation” and in 2018 started providing information on training and careers for schoolchildren, students and their families.

This report was developed by Carla Nogueira and Hugo Pinto from CES – Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra and revised by ASL partners

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