Study Visit Report. Extension: Meeting in Guimarães. Oficina Criativa da Trança da Palha

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The Oficina Criativa da Trança da Palha (Creative Straw Braiding Workshop) is a space dedicated to learning and producing handicrafts with a view to combining tradition and innovation. It is based on one of the most significant elements of Fafense’s ethnographic heritage – the art of straw. This initiative brings together unemployed people, particularly women and older adults (aged 50-65), with the aim of connecting them and stimulating their independence, so that they can benefit from an extra income while practicing their leisure hobbies and socialising with other people, as well as capturing the interest of people, particularly the younger generation, in this art, to ensure its continuity for future generations

This report was developed by the research team of CES – Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra and revised by ASL partners.

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