Study Visit Report. Extension: Meeting in Guimarães. Centro de Acolhimento de Emergência Social

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The Centro de Acolhimento de Emergência Social (CAES) – Social Emergency Shelter of Guimarães – emerged from the pandemic in March 2020 to address homeless people, victims of domestic violence, migrants and citizens needing international protection, among other emerging cases. This response was the result of a joint emergency effort between the Civil Protection Services, the Municipality of Guimarães and the institutions that make up the Rede de Apoio Social de Emergência (Emergency Social Support Network). This centre also aims to stimulate and develop the personal and social skills of its beneficiaries, most of whom have not had the opportunity to develop a sense of purpose in life.
This report was developed by the research team of CES – Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra and revised by ASL partners.

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