Guiding the European Semester: Strategies for Ensuring Sustainable Prosperity, Competitiveness, Fairness, and Resilience in the EU

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The European Commission has released guidance to Member States on how to build a strong and sustainable economy that can withstand the challenges posed by the current geopolitical climate. The 2023 European Semester Spring Package calls for an integrated approach across all policy areas, including the promotion of environmental sustainability, productivity, fairness, and macroeconomic stability. The goal is to ensure long-term prosperity and competitiveness for all citizens.

To achieve this, Member States must focus on implementing policies that support sustainable growth and development. This includes investing in renewable energy, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Additionally, policies must be put in place to ensure that economic growth is inclusive and benefits all members of society.

The Commission has stressed the importance of a holistic approach to economic development. By promoting environmental sustainability, productivity, fairness and macroeconomic stability, Member States can build a robust and sustainable economy that benefits all.

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