ASL PARTNERS IN ACTION – The youth compass: an innovative tool for information and access to rights

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The youth compass is an innovative tool for information and access to rights. 

There are many services and devices for young people.

Often lost in this maze, they give up and do not benefit from the services to which they are entitled.

In order to help them find their way and get informed, Info Jeunes Occitanie is committed, with the support of many partners, to the deployment of the youth compass, in several territories in Occitania.

Carried by the DJEPVA (direction of youth, popular education and associative life) and developed in several territories in France, the Boussole des Jeunes is part of the continuity of the missions of youth information, namely: deliver reliable, free and appropriate information.

This national digital platform is a tool for 15-30 year olds to support them in their path to autonomy, regardless of situation or profile.

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