ASL PARTNERS IN ACTION: The elderly, in front of and behind the cameras

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The project “Los mayores, delante y detrás de las cámaras” brings users of La Camocha and El Natahoyo centers closer to the use of tablets to record others narrating their memories.
On december 19th, under the title of ‘Nice Life Stories’ a documentary was projected at the Antiguo Instituto in which five users of the day center for the elderly of La Camocha remembered their childhood and youth, their working years and other experiences of life.In addition to the prominence given to five anonymous elders, the uniqueness of the projection lay in the cameras themselves. Besides receiving training in new technologies, elderly users of the social centers of La Camocha and El Natahoyo were also in charge of editing the video and using tablets as cameras. This training was provided by the Center for Social Innovation at the Business School in Gijón in collaboration with the Social Services Foundation to five seniors, including Juan Manuel Robles, who said it was a blessing experience to learn how to work with video, editing, and sound, as well as do interviews with people whose stories have been spectacular. In collaboration with El Llano senior citizens’ center, Gijón City Council is already planning a new experience.

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