ASL PARTNERS IN ACTION – Gijón sees a possible end to homelessness by 2030

September 13, 2022 10:15 am Published by Leave your thoughts

The Municipal Foundation of Social Services of Gijón, one of the new partners of the ASL, joins 15 entities of the third sector, to sign an agreement to “reformulate” the Active Inclusion Network that was launched in 2010 to improve care for the homeless, and to which more and more associations have been approaching during this time. The aim of this reformulation is to tackle this problem with a more global vision. 

Marco Luengo, director of the Social Services Foundation, recalled that the last one spoke of 400 people, with 200 “in an extreme situation”. He contrasted this figure with the 7,000 empty homes in the council, which could be available for rent. “We have to start thinking ambitiously because achieving a situation of no extreme homelessness would be feasible by 2030. The aim is also to find a way for homeless people themselves to have a voice and participation in the network.

More information available here!

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