ASL PARTNERS IN ACTION – Gijón City Council to call elderly people to detect unwanted loneliness

October 11, 2022 9:30 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Gijón City Council to call 2,261 elderly people in the centre to detect unwanted loneliness. 

This is the great unfinished business of old age: unwanted loneliness. It is to them, to them, that the shock plan for the elderly is addressed, which from this month will give a decisive boost to three of its lines: the preparation of a census of elderly people, the implementation of the pilot project in the downtown area based on the network of friendly shops and the revitalisation of the senior citizen centres. These are the main commitments of the Municipal Foundation for Social Services, because as its director, Marco Luengo, acknowledges, “there are currently elderly people who we are not reaching”.

The municipal centres of El Coto, Contrueces and El Polígono will be the first to revitalise their activities from this month onwards.

Detailed information on the activities to be developed can be found in the original article

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